Payments Hub. Your business command center.

Keep tabs on your business anytime, anywhere.

With the Payments Hub platform you can get a quick overview or create in-depth reports that will help you streamline your operations and keep pace with your competitors. Access reports in-app or through our secure, online merchant portal, both of which come free with your merchant account.
  • Run reports using preset or custom date ranges.
  • Quickly export as a CSV or PDF with a single click.
  • View your refunds and manage your disputes.

Manage and respond to chargebacks.

If you're running a business, managing disputes like chargebacks comes with the territory. (A chargeback occurs when a shopper disputes a charge directly with their card issuer or financial institution.) With our processor’s secure, online Payments Hub portal you can respond to cardholder and card-issuer disputes safely, quickly, and easily. You'll even be able to view your disputes by category.

Simplified documentation process.

Disputes typically start with a Request for Information (RFI) or a Notification of Chargeback (NOC). If you receive an RFI, you'll usually have 24 days to respond by uploading documents from right within your merchant portal. If you receive an NOC, you'll have a little longer – usually 40 days. Unwarranted chargebacks can take a big bite out of your profits. That's why our processor makes responding to them as simple as possible. With our secure merchant portal, you can access easy-to-use dispute management tools that will allow you to:

Payments Hub easy-to-use and robust dashboard.